Glad you asked

who I am and what do I do?

Dandelion Eghosa is a visual storyteller working with diverse visual medimus including photography, digital and analog collages, and film. Her interests lie in documenting expressions in everyday life and in highlighting marginalized identities particularly the LGBTQ+ community. By presenting the personal stories of a largely hidden social group through different styles of photography and storytelling my work offers a fresh interpretation of queer imagery, balance to the misrepresentations often made regarding the Nigerian queer community, and draws special attention to the mental health of members of the community and society viz-a-viz economic adversity or social isolation.

My Exhibitions

  • Unspoken Rudiments, September 2019, Rele Gallery, Lagos. Debut Solo Exhibition.
  • Young Contemporaries 2018, Rele Gallery, Lagos. (Group Exhibition)
  • Equalities of Women, September 2018, National Gallery of Zimbabwe. (Group Exhibition)
  • Auctions

  • Affordable Art Auction, ArtHouse Comtemporary Lagos. March 2018.
  • Press and Publications

  • Affordable Art Auction, ArtHouse Comtemporary Lagos. March 2018. The Guardian Nigeria ( January 2018.
  • Blush + Brews Zine, March 2017
  • Brittle Paper –Queer Art Anthology, January 2017
  • Veuillez Croire, A reflection on personal identity, December 2017
  • Want to work together?

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